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The 3ZR Package adds luxury amenities inside and out, and the aggressive composite bodywork can be made even more ominous with the ZTK Performance Package, which includes a rear stanchion-mounted carbon-fiber high wing and special Michelin Pilot tires. With stats and specs that are comparable to—or that even exceed—those of many European machines several times its cost, the Corvette ZR1 is for purists who appreciate value but are unwilling to compromise performance on any front. On the eastern slope of the Carson Range, just minutes from Incline Village and South Shore, is a place where every step has been taken with principle and purpose. We invite you to schedule a personal tour and discover four seasons of adventure. COM Every curve, every straightline blast—try zero to 60 mph in 2. Despite its incredible power and equally capable handling and suspension, the Performante costs far less than the flagship Aventador. Peter Nam sees the car—and specifically its variant—as a canvas for creativity.

Harrys solicitous demeanor during the final illness of Ediths own father warmed even Lucretias icy nature, and in , Harry and Edith became engaged. Marietta, who ought to have considered the alliance a coup, remained oddly silent on the subject.

The wedding was set for mid-October, but as that date approached, Town Topics announced an indefinite postponement. The reason for the rupture, reported the Daily News, was a preponderance of intellectuality on the part of the intended bride. Yet the likely truth lies in the terms of Paran Stevenss will, which granted Harry his share of the money at age 25or at the time of his marriage. By allying her family with the elite of Old New York, the spendthrift Marietta would forfeit much of the fortune that made realizing this ambition possible.

Harrys unexpected death from tuberculosis six weeks after Ediths marriage to the Bostonian Teddy Wharton mitigated her public disgrace by providing a plausible explanation for the breach.

Only later, as one of her countrys most celebrated novelists, did Edith Wharton exact revenge: In The Age of Innocence, she uses the innkeepers wife as the model for social-climbing Mrs.

Lemuel Struthers, a former saloon girl of dubious morals whom another character describes as having eventually married a shoe-polish baron. There were volumes of innuendo in the way eventually was spaced, Whartons narrator acidly observes, and each syllable was given its due stress.

McLaren P1, whose shape was inspired by marine inhabitants. In the case of the S, its sculpted curves and linear flow—so intrinsic to the marque—resemble those of a great white shark. As breathtaking as the. The rearwheel-drive, mid-engine coupe harnesses horses from its four-liter, twinturbocharged V-8, catapulting the car from zero.

In the current sea of production-supercar competition, those specs make this McLaren an apex predator. Wheels Up does not operate aircraft; FAA licensed and DOT registered air carriers participating in the program exercise full operational control of all flights offered by or arranged through Wheels Up.

All aircraft owned or leased by Wheels Up are leased to the operating air carrier and are operated exclusively by that air carrier. To learn more, visit wheelsup. Yet a few early adopters wanted the advantages that putting power to all four corners aforded—not just for mud-slinging brutes but for high-performance rally cars and even road-going sports models.

And although the Audi Quattro debuted in , it is probably the Porsche that will be remembered as the high-water mark of early all-wheeldrive sports cars.

Make that supercars. It evolved quickly into the , of which about examples were manufactured from late to. All-wheel drive is regularly available in the model lineup of Although a may be out of reach, the brand-new three-volume publication Porsche , by Jurgen Lewandowski, is a must-have for serious admirers. Limited to 2, copies, it is not just a literary monument to this Porsche icon but a piece of art unto itself.

And while its mph top speed was impressive, its real impact was the trickle-down technology of an all-wheel-drive system that immediately saw application in the Carrera 4, a real-world sports car that. But what makes the. Phantom VIII phenomenal is the passenger experience inside the acoustically insulated cabin. In all, the Phantom VIII translates the unmistakable message that, for its owner, life is nothing but net.

Its mph top speed and hp output make the ZR1 the fastest and most powerful production Corvette ever. The 3ZR Package adds luxury amenities inside and out, and the aggressive composite bodywork can be made even more ominous.

With stats and specs that are comparable to—or that even exceed—those of many. European machines several times its cost, the Corvette ZR1 is for purists who appreciate value but are unwilling to compromise performance on any front.

On the eastern slope of the Carson Range, just minutes from Incline Village and South Shore, is a place where every step has been taken with principle and purpose. We invite you to schedule a personal tour and discover four seasons of adventure. COM Every curve, every straightline blast—try zero to 60 mph in 2. Despite its incredible. Many car cognoscenti put the Porsche on a pedestal, viewing it as the ideal automobile for design and driving experience. Peter Nam sees the car—and specifically its variant—as a canvas for creativity.

The wide-bodied coupe is crafted from carbon fiber and carries a hp, naturally aspirated engine from. Rothsport Racing paired with a Getrag G50 six-speed manual transmission. The customizable cockpit can feature carbon-fiber bucket.

Does the R raise the bar on an already perfect Porsche? But only a few will find out, as only 25 examples will be made. The one-of-a-kind coupe— a presentation car at auto shows in Frankfurt, Turin, Paris, and Brussels in its time—was originally created for the personal use of Battista Pininfarina, whose eponymous carrozzeria designed the GTB. Nearly 1, examples of the latter were made between and , all but one with bodies manufactured by Scaglietti.

One-of-one always gets attention at auction, and this beautiful blue-green GT carries an intrinsic value that has nowhere to go but up. What has been the design highlight of your careers to date? Not having the need for an engine at the front gives you this amazing opportunity to use interior space in a diferent way. It has to be the latest Ford GT. It really was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on the design of a car like this.

The most important automotive innovation of the past 30 years? To me, it has been the increased introduction of technology that has changed the car from a simple vehicle into this amazingly complex object designed to do so much more than get you from A to B. What do you foresee for the next decade? The next 10 years in this business are going to see the biggest changes and challenges since the turn of the last century, when cars took over from horses.

The brand-new Aston Martin Vantage fully inhabits the latter category. These features—and its aggressive appearance— help make the Vantage the new bad-boy prince of automotive performance. English attitude generally comes in two varieties: Also assisting are complex electronic systems that include traction, stability, and wheelie control managed by six-axis sensors.

Automotive Designs. Filtered fresh-air ventilation keeps oxygen at optimum levels. Techframe Ferrari Sapphire White Gold. Case in sapphire and white gold inspired by the car brand's iconic lines. An innovative watch equipped with an in-house mono pusher chronograph tourbillon with a 5-day power reserve.

Rubber strap. Limited edition of 70 pieces. Turn the page to witness the mix, mastered. Boglioli boglioli. Corneliani coat and turtleneck; Ralph Lauren shirt; Pal Zileri tie. Berluti With its newest jackets, the label underscores how a single piece can elevate an entire wardrobe.

Berluti berluti. Coach shirt and turtleneck. Berluti jacket and shirt. Canali blazer; Pal Zileri turtleneck; Eidos pants.

Canali canali. Salvatore Ferragamo In the hands of this Italian fashion house, the classic topcoat is infused with a modern, relaxed elegance. Salvatore Ferragamo ferragamo. Salvatore Ferragamo double-face wool coat and zippered shirt. Salvatore Ferragamo double-face wool coat, shirt, and pants. Kinross Cashmere cardigan; Giorgio Armani glasses; Eleventy shoes. Kiton Among the latest creations from this Italian brand known for innovative use of luxury materials is a versatile raincoat that is lightweight yet warm and comfortable.

Kiton kiton. Mr Porter The online portal for designer menswear has proved that it can also develop its own masterful menswear collection. Eleventy gloves.

Robb Report USA – 08.2018

LEF T: Gucci gucci. Sandro pants; Eleventy gloves. Gucci wool blazer. Brunello Cucinelli In his latest remake of a classic, the designer uses Sea Island cotton corduroy, transforming the typically dense fabric into a lightweight version.

Brunello Cucinelli brunellocucinelli. Boglioli shirt; Bally turtleneck; Brooks Brothers pocket square shown as a neck scarf. Isaia isaia. Dunhill dunhill. Ray-Ban glasses.

Ben Hill, Garrett Neff, and. This practical, lightweight weekender is a prime example. The belt has emerged as a key accessory this year, and Bottega Veneta provides the strongest assortment, from this blue woven-leather model to more classic styles. Ative Duty Functionality and versatility plus a dash of personality make these accessories genuine essentials. Ralph Lauren A master of many things, Ralph Lauren started 50 years ago designing ties. Tom Ford Tom Ford sunglasses are an instant image maker.

The movement and case of the BR-X2 form a single mechanical unit encased between two sapphire crystal plates. This innovative design gives the appearance that the case is invisible and that the wearer has the unadorned movement on the wrist. The BR-X2 calibre is equipped with a mechanism regulated by an automatic tourbillon, wound by a micro-rotor.

Charvet The pocket square adds an element of elegance to sporty or dress looks, and nobody does it better than Charvet. Established in , the French shirtmaker is a go-to source for neckties and scarves. Hestra Since the s, Hestra has been advancing the art of handmade gloves. They deliver just the right blend of comfort and style that men desire today.

Since establishing his business 50 years ago, he has become a legend not just for his signature. For four decades, the king of casual has imbued his welldressed world with a sense of well-being. Moreover, the supersoft, lightweight shirts, sweaters, unstructured blazers, and slim trousers are so comfortable that. But the brand is about much more than its desirable fashions. The style magnate, who turns 80 next year, has set the standard for store concepts with his immersive shops—in some cases, mansions—that, replete with furnishings, paintings, and all the trimmings, manifest his carefully curated vision.

Go full throttle testing out the performance of the newest machines, latest high-end gadgets, gear, wings, and wheels for adrenaline-driven adventures in the desert. Driven by curiosity and a desire to challenge conventional ideas, these designers and brands have forged dynamic new creations over the past year that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Full Text Robb report travel club how to download PDF

Slice of Modern Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani leans back slightly in his chair and grins, his satisfaction just evident behind his reddish beard. In designing the Octo Finissimo, Buonamassa Stigliani took threads from the original Octo model, compressing its various geometric shapes into a slate-like wafer. The combination is at its height in the newest automatic models, which. So well integrated are the case, dial, and bracelet that each looks as if it were stamped out of a sheet of homogeneous material.

The logic of the design is apparent the minute you place the texture of these pieces next to skin and fabric—the essential test for any kind of timepiece.

Richard Mille RM Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough Richard Mille has devised a perfect way of demonstrating his notions of extreme performance by designing an openwork tourbillon caliber capable of withstanding the brutal shocks subjected on champion polo player Pablo Mac Donough. Less apparent than that elaborate construction is a laminated sapphire crystal that may crack but will not shatter.

A pair of thick, elaborately constructed sapphire crystals and a window on the side of the case show not only the full three-dimensional globe, but also the frosted surfaces and the many instances of perfectly executed black polishing. While its name suggests a performance increase over the now-famous Double Split rattrapante chronograph of , the new A. The addition of a third splitting counter on the hours subdial enables the watch to record intermediate times or two simultaneous events for up to 12 hours—far exceeding the length of its predecessor or any other chronograph of its type.

A new gong arrangement attached directly to the case chimes the hour, quarters, and minutes in a slightly different but equally pleasing tone from previous models. His leadership came at a pivotal time. A steady drumbeat of innovative models, as well as new facilities and capacities, means that as much as other companies emulate Patek Philippe, they still struggle to keep up. The latest entry in F. It is unusual for a watch company to ofer a high-level complication— especially one originally designed for men—to its female clientele.

Each celestial body has been carefully calibrated to rotate around the sun at its real-life speed, meaning that Mercury orbits in 88 days, Venus in days, and Earth in days. Additionally, the moon is set to orbit around Earth. An outer ring bears Arabic numerals and a shootingstar marker that indicates the time. But the watch is about more than its stunning face: Flip the piece over to see a larger version of Earth in turquoise next to a crescent moon set with serti neige diamonds that rests on.

Also on the caseback are two apertures that show the year, month, and date. Chanel Boy. Friend Calibre 3 In keeping with the premise of the original Chanel Boy. Friend watch, the new Boy.

Friend Calibre 3 is a timepiece that could be coveted by anyone. Just a handful of minute repeaters are not only expressly designed for women but also emblematic of the broad artistic license that is needed to make the most of this most romantic of complications. The watch also incorporates such artisanal touches as an elaborately lacquered dial. If you were to pinpoint a type of watch that symbolizes the highend horology of the last 20 years, it would probably be an openwork complicated timepiece of vividly modern design.

And if you were to peruse seminal examples of such watches, chances are strong that a significant number would bear the fingerprints of Swiss watchmaker Giulio Papi. As an up-and-comer in the mids, Papi had the guts and the foresight to diverge from the established watchmaking track and open his own shop dedicated to complications.

The two invented an entirely new design language for the mechanical movement, which Papi continues to develop as their collaboration and his other stellar work move forward. Global Glitterati The best jewelers in 10 cities around the world, from distinguished names to lesser-known discoveries, give their locations serious sparkle.

The historic shop showcases its fashionable archives with photographs of its famous patrons, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren, dripping in Bulgari jewels—but the main attraction is its colorful, bold designs that exude a playful Mediterranean spirit. This new snake necklace featuring bright red coral and diamonds attests to the versatility of the latest collection, with its emphasis on large-scale, gemstoneladen pieces that portray a casual elegance for day or evening.

In this breakout year for the jeweler, his audacious new pieces include a ring with a 4. Her dreamlike vision manifests in extravagant pieces that are remarkably lightweight and graceful in spirit.

The open design of the. Hemmerle While it dates back to , Hemmerle is far from traditional or predictable. The fourth-generation jewelry house showed its playful side this year with such pieces as biscuitlike earrings made of jade with demantoid garnets, white gold, and bronze, and colorful round earrings of turquoise, tourmaline, white gold, and bronze. And her distinctly feminine touch is evident in the lavish tied-ribbon ring featuring two triangular diamonds The complex technique behind this feat allows for maximum light to pass through the stones, thus amplifying their brilliance.

Examples include these graceful diamond-and-emerald earrings. His imaginative designs reveal an evolving aesthetic that marries art with jewelry, as in the surrealist and Egyptian-style ceramic, rose gold, and diamond brooch, and ceramic, rose gold, and diamond collar.

The playful. The diamond chandelier earrings and ring appeared on Salma Hayek on the red. The famous jeweler is known for dressing an international roster of A-list celebrities year-round, a tradition started in by Mr.

Harry Winston himself. From his first vision of the elaborate dragonfly, the Hong Kong—based jewelry designer experimented with and explored a range of materials and techniques, ultimately making his own tools to shape the metal and stones into the kind of ethereal creature that came to him in his dreams.

At the center is a She seeks out rough gems that express the best colors, natural inclusions, and forms, fashioning pieces that might mimic the soothing shades of the ocean or a serene desert landscape, but always with wearability in mind.

In a bold move, the family-owned, Geneva-based house recently announced that starting in July, it will use percent ethical gold in its jewelry and. Whether your plans call for a romantic retreat, a family adventure, or an urban escape, we invite you to experience our collection of extraordinary destinations. And today, at 80 years old, he remains a force in the market. His mammoth acquisitions of the past year include the famous 1,carat Lesedi La Rona the largest gem-quality rough diamond discovered in more than a century , downloadd from the Canadian mining company Lucara Diamond Corp.

British jeweler Laurence Graf not only anticipated the astronomical rise in the value of exceptional-quality diamonds— he helped create the market dynamics that engendered it. Indeed, the King of Diamonds, as he is often called, has a long track record of paying top dollar at auction for rare colorless and colored diamonds and for downloading up the largest top-quality rough stones from mines around the world.

And to truly understand them, you must experience them yourself. Speed is increasingly a factor, even as boats are built larger and larger. In the medium-size yacht range, one of our winners can reach a top speed of 30 knots. All of these vessels are designed to operate as efficiently as possible, which also highlights one of the biggest trends: Superyachts do not have to be the biggest, baddest vessels on the water to achieve notoriety.

The foot Aurora from the Italian yard Rossinavi is one such vessel, with exterior and interior designs that are artistic opposites but are so inspired that they. Onboard highlights also include. Advanced technologies, world-class design, exceptional service. For over 50 years Westport has been producing luxury motor yachts of superior performance.

Based on proven hull platforms and fitted with contemporary interiors that suit your lifestyle, each yacht in the Westport series combines supreme performance and engineering with head-turning style and elegance. On the main deck, degrees of windows and a fully opening aft folding door erase the barrier between saloon and cockpit. Natural light from the sunroof above the James Bond—cool helm, large windows in the four staterooms belowdecks,.

The foredeck not only has the standard table and lounge but also two large sunbeds. The exterior design gives the yacht a lowriding profile with all the. The dining areas, wet bar, and lounges sit beneath a composite hard top on the sundeck; an open aft space can also be arranged with loose furniture. The foredeck has five sunbeds, with full-beam lounges near the bow.

The interior design is contemporary and unmistakably Riva, with dramatic tiger-stripe wood grains tempered by the judicious use of stainless steel and marble. Sister ship to our succesful Satori, she ofers the spectacular combination of speed and range, comfort and grace.

Available for delivery in June, On the foredeck, the second club runs from the saloon windshield to the forepeak, sporting a dining table, lounges, sunbeds, and a hydromassage tub. The interior by Achille Salvagni includes matte-textured woods juxtaposed against darker, polished species, with inserts in brass, bronze,.

The master of yacht interiors treated this like a bespoke yacht, designing original furniture, lamps, and other sculptural pieces. Superyachtlike features also include a foldout balcony in the master suite and a spiral staircase with backlit onyx steps. Zuccon International Projects created a clean profile by layering the five decks plus subdeck of the foot exterior while also using smart design for external social areas. The foredeck doubles as a private gathering area, with an alfresco dining room under a specially designed tent.

The beach club has an espresso bar where guests can enjoy water views. A gym is located on the upper deck, and the main deck houses a hair salon, massage table, and fold-down balcony. For water lovers, toys include a MasterCraft X20 competition ski boat, a sailing catamaran, and five Jet Skis. Douglas fir and lime oak are the primary woods, while 50 other materials help customize the saloons and eight staterooms. Artwork is modern but classic and includes a 3-D porcelain panel by Fenella Elms in the main saloon and a dreamy cloudscape by DKT on the upper deck, both perfect symbols of the yacht.

The marble we use is often a skin attached to a carbon-fiber panel. Every ounce counts. Aesthetics are at a much higher level, but so are standards.

We became more sophisticated as rules and standards became more complex. When you started at Benetti in , how were superyachts diferent from today? Most superyachts averaged about 80 feet, with very simple design and construction.

Technology was basic. The interiors were also classic, with walls and furniture built from cherry or mahogany. The bulkheads were marine plywood, so they tended to be straight. Now we use lightweight composite panels that can be shaped if the design calls for it. Other materials for interior designs are just as. Following two weeks of sea trials, a year and a half of final fit-out may sound excessive, but the time spent on the inimitable foot Black Pearl helped make it one of the fastest and stunning sailing superyachts ever.

Its three foot-tall Dynarig carbon masts accommodate 31, square feet of sail—an awe-inspiring sight that translates to an exciting speed of 30 knots. Also one of the largest sailing yachts ever, Black Pearl features a foot beam and an interior volume of 2, gross tons, enough to house six staterooms for 12 guests. The boat was completed in late and, after sea trials and final outfitting,.

Are you seeing younger clients? Villate all contributed to Black Pearl. What was your largest yacht back then? Benetti built the foot Nabila in , but she was a rarity. In , we also launched the foot Reverie, which at the time had a massive internal volume of 2, gross tons. Now, many of the larger custom superyachts are closer to 6, gross tons.

The average length may be increasing, but the. Most owners seem to prefer having space and comfort over speed. They want the same comforts they have at home. Part two involved returning the interior to a classic look, foregoing the campy beach-house design the previous owner had installed.

Among dozens of changes, Lusben raised the ceilings, while Domus Nova Design revamped the wood- and stonework, and even built a library around the center staircase.

The Monacobased owner of Dojo, however, saw the special personality inside the Jon Bannenberg—designed Feadship, realizing the foot vessel could be turned into a contemporary superyacht with the right vision. Italian refit specialist Lusben refashioned the square stern, which dated the yacht, by replacing it with a foot extension featuring a deep. You can find a two-story home anywhere. Welcome home to where the magic is endless. Golden Oak Realty The Finer Points These boats captured our attention—and our top honors— with standout features ranging from a paddle-tennis court to a high-tech wine cellar.

Studio F. Pepita houndstooth fabric, used in the 91l series, matches nicely with Macassar-ebony veneers, Persian carpets, and Sahara Noir marble. Exterior color choices are all from the Porsche palette. Set at the junction of two corridors, the space features dozens of rare, multicolored bottles displayed in climate-controlled glass cabinets, like jewels at an exclusive boutique. A computer limits light exposure for more sensitive vintages. The new M90 Panacera places Hatteras beside the most stylish European builders.

The dinette is the ultimate breakfast nook. Its hull offers exceptional seakeeping, with a cockpit for groups, and the low deckhouse allows for unbroken visibility. With its gentle curves—and knot top speed—the Gozzo is an elegant performer. A Tradition of Quality Since Our story begins with a piece of land, a family passionate about wine and a community of friends and partners who helped bring Cakebread Cellars to life.

They also reflect the spirit of the people who made them. We take great pride in sharing our extended Cakebread family with yours. Among whiskies, we saw a proliferation of cask-strength single malts and bourbons—some climbing higher than proof. Experimenting with atypical woods and techniques for both aging and finishing continued apace, and distillers took their craft to the next level through creative blending from disparate casks. The most impressive new bottles of tequila, whisky, gin, vodka, and Cognac.

Applbaum says. The result is a golden nectar brimming with fresh fruit, vanilla, and light agave accented with a gentle touch of cherries and candied pecans. It is a masterpiece. But a new sense of verve and innovation has infused Irish distillers, bringing their spirits more in line with modern palates.

Robb Report USA - December Free PDF Magazine Download

Bottled in black glass embossed with elemental Viking symbols at a cask strength of The Dalmore 40 Year Old Master distiller Richard Paterson seemingly knows each cask aging in his rickhouses by name, addressing them as if they were people. Ready to be bottled? Yamazaki Mizunara Cask Edition Single Malt This beautiful bottle is a classic example of a limited edition that is not only imminently drinkable but also poised to increase in value, as quantities are scarce.

Yamazaki has created something that never existed before: To celebrate, Beam Suntory released a one-time variation. Unlike the standard nine-year-old, proof Knob Creek, the anniversary edition is a singlebarrel offering, aged between 12 and 13 years depending on the barrel and clocking in at a cask strength of to proof.

Distilled in Canada and bottled in Philadelphia, this He double distills this whiskey with a mixture of unmalted Canadian rye and malted rye from the UK. It carries a perfumed spice balanced with the funk of malt that begs for use in a killer cocktail. Time well spent. Each blend is a pursuit of perfection— a challenge to express the unique character of the vintage. These eight whiskies are the same age as our Best of the Best tradition, and like the magazine, we dare say time has only improved them.

Oloroso-sherry barrel aging results in chocolate, sherry-soaked leather, and gingerbread. A soft, gentle peat, tempered by three decades in bourbon barrels and accented with traces of salty lime.

Which master blender do you admire? The Dalmore produced luxury aged whiskies even in the s when others were releasing only five-year-olds. Distillers all look to push each other to release that special whisky. The growth of the secondary market is also very significant, with auction houses like Bonhams making record transactions.

Then there is a definite appetite for landmark whiskies with real character. What was the Scotch industry like in ? The luxury market was less focused on malt whisky in the s, as blended whisky remained extremely popular. Malt and luxury whiskies were only starting to become popular in the s.

Consumers have become more knowledgeable, discerning, and demanding. They are looking for the very best experiences in life, from cars, watches, houses, and the whiskies they download. Predictions for the future? There could be a move toward super-limited editions or casks for individual consumers. We are seeing some really exciting non-aged statements come to the fore. To create whiskies that do not rely on age as a defining flavor factor is very exciting and challenging for a distiller.

More than a beautiful safari lodge, the property has opened up the treasures of this budding African country, serving as a means to not only see its critically endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat but also support its communities through conservation and empowerment programs.

What is it about Kokomo? Kokomo is the kind of place where plenty of guests never leave their villa. And who can blame them?

But an equally persuasive case can be made for experiencing everything Kokomo has to ofer: Belmond Andean Explorer has introduced a way to see it all in comfort—without disrupting its undeveloped appeal. One day, the train may halt in the shadows of the Andes for an impromptu ceviche-making class; the next, it might roll apace with a herd of llamas. ARIA Sky Suites and Sky Villas, the award-winning hotel-within-a-hotel, continues to ofer tasteful indulgences and exclusivity upon guest arrival and throughout the stay.

The one- and two-bedroom layouts feature separate living rooms, spa-. Gone are the Louis XV salon chairs and heavy velvet drapes.

The Grandet Dame Grand Appartements, sleek bathrooms covered wall-to-wall in marble. Of course, plenty of original details—those decadent gold-and-marble walls included—needed little more than a faithful refresh.

There are no canvas tents adorned with leather trunks or mosquito-net-covered beds here. Inside is equally distinct; the domes are a strange and wonderful combination of royal and rustic, where glittering green chandeliers composed of thousands of recycled glass shards and giant, black, egg-shaped bathtubs blend with volcanic-stone walls and blackand-white animal hides.

Only the sweeping terraces of each villa provide a reality check, with views over Mount Bisoke and, just beyond, the legendary Volcanoes National Park. Indeed, the real beauty of Bisate is what lies outside its shaggy walls. The lodge has helped to open up the wonders of this long-overlooked African. Thanks to its unique setting and style, Bisate creates the dilemma that every safari camp should: The answer is no. We want to be part of the cure. First come the cultural attractions, then come the hotels.

In the guest rooms, designer Christian Meinert rethought even the most mundane details, from the TV stands to the closets. The design hotel is nothing new. Those camphor trees? More than a vanity project, the monumental relocation was an act of preservation that saved. As is the Aman way, Amanyangyun delves into the sleek and minimal, too.

A collection of 24 suites ofers more contemporary interiors, while three restaurants walk the line between old and new, with cuisines that range from traditional Jiangxi to farmto-table Italian.

Perhaps most needed in frenetic Shanghai, however, is the 30,square-foot spa, where traditional Chinese medicine and modern wellness work hand in hand. Since then, Aman has brought its culturally rooted service and style to dozens of other untouched destinations, from Bhutan to Montenegro, taking its pack of Amanjunkies—Robb Report editors included—along for the ride. Back then, the industry was a barren wasteland when it came to design. I thought it was worth the risk to work with a talented person—regardless of whether they had hotel experience or not—to create a unique and individual product.

I thought if you were willing to underwrite that risk, you had a possibility for creating something unique. And it paid of. What did a luxury hotel look like when you opened the Morgans Hotel in ? At that point in time, everything in the market was generic and institutional. But the Morgans changed everything. It made sameness a vice and distinctiveness a virtue.

You invented the boutiquehotel concept with the Morgans. What was the impetus for that?

Morgans was a very personal expression of what I myself wanted. There was no hotel that resonated with me at that time. There was nothing out there that manifested my popular culture, that told me the world was responsive to what was important to me. You were also among the first hoteliers to partner. How is your newest hospitality brand, the Public, redefining luxury travel? I believe people can see through those frivolous gestures.

They want it good, and they want it fast. How has the concept of a five-star hotel changed in the last 30 years? But now, everyone understands the concept of luxury, no matter where they come from or even how much money they have. I think that luxury is permeating every level of the industry. But rather than close entirely,. When the property reopened to guests on October 25, it was as a member of the tight-knit local community—and a new favorite for Napa fans. Welcoming those devotees are sleek interiors by Yabu Pushelberg that enhance the closeenough-to-touch vineyard views.

Swiss Bliss The ancient Romans may have invented the concept of a spa, but the Swiss perfected it with their combination of cuttingedge products and clinics and crisp Alpine air.

Visit the latter for pure relaxation—La Prairie facials and Kneipp baths included. Check into the former for exclusive wellness retreats and targeted programs that range from personal training and medical procedures to anti-aging skin therapies and.

The following day, guests will team up with these culinary masters at The Grand Golf Club for a friendly tournament. Guests who prefer the kitchen instead of the links can engage in a hands-on cooking experience with Chef Paul Bartolotta and Urbani Truffles. Following up on two. The resulting course is playable—and enjoyable—for. Average players will be comforted by the sight of acres of turf and the chance to perform with the putter.

There are vast, rugged hazards to contend with, but they are. Unlike its siblings, Black has its own clubhouse, a practice area called the Roundabout, and a two-acre putting course known as the Gauntlet. What were courses like when you first came to the United States? They were visually awe-inspiring, but what did they have in common with the classic courses I was brought up with in Scotland?

Very little. But lately, the creature comforts, theater, and grandeur are returning. As a counterpoint, the wine world continues to be deconstructed, focusing on ever-smaller, premium parcels that showcase the best of each vineyard. Winemakers are increasingly letting that terroir speak for itself and staying out of the way in the process, eliciting nuance and complexity like never before.

The restaurant impresses upon entry. It is grand, but without ego or pretension. The dish has become a star. The dinner rolls are rifs on classic Hawaiians, served with butter made in-house from cultured cream steeped with ham.

Actually, nothing. I build triggers into the menu. I want to have a conversation with you about the langoustine that came from Scotland today or a beautiful prawn from Santa Barbara. Within the landmarked Philip Johnson—designed room, waiters in Tom Ford suits entertain with table-side preparations. The efort would be. It is. Start without any sort of theater, and order the crab cake atop a rich remoulade and covered in thin slices of golden brown potato.

Los Angeles is booming with outstanding dining right now—and with Italian cuisine in particular. Flavors from up and down the boot are thriving. With comparable climates and a. At their best, Italian and Californian cuisines both start with fresh, local meats and produce and let them shine on the plate. As a native Californian. Sotto, his ode to southern Italian cooking and Neapolitan pizza, established him as a leader in the genre. He and his wife, Dina, transformed a hulking concrete building into a welcoming space where the open.

Slather some crescentine fritte with dry-aged beef tallow; sample the perfectly delicate eggplant with tomato sauce,. Pair it all with a glass of the delightful sparkling red Lambrusco that Rossoblu unabashedly boasts on its wine list. The meat is the most expensive item in the house, Shim says, so he ofers classes for servers to grill the beef.

Each diner at the table receives a sample of four diferent cuts of beef that includes galbi—soy-marinated short. The inspiration for Cote, admits owner Simon Kim, is what he calls his carnivorous mind. With chef David Shim—formerly of M.

The duo have created a convivial scene with impressive food to match. Diners heading downstairs can gaze longingly through a window at the dangling slabs and sides of marbled meat, some of which have been hanging there for more than days. Salare, with a diferent mission. JuneBaby speaks to who I am as an individual soul and as an. African-American male from a food standpoint. Ricardo Zarate is a good son.

Mom should be proud. Breakfast used to be a restaurant afterthought. At his latest restaurant, the Charter Oak, he and chef Katianna Hong do so with understated audacity. Their beautiful raw vegetable plate, picked from the garden and served with a fermented soy dip, gets no more fuss than that. They have the confidence to grow and select the right vegetables and then serve them in the most elemental way. When the duo does cook, they make use of the hearth that anchors the dining room, grilling and smoking rustic dishes such as beef rib cooked over Cabernet barrels or the grilled buttermilk-brined chicken served with Napa grape leaves.

Join Robb Report and some of the most celebrated chefs in the world for a culinary experience like no other. The following day, guests and chefs will take to The Grand Golf Club for a friendly tournament. For guests who prefer the kitchen instead of the links, engage in a hands-on cooking experience with Chef Paul Bartolotta and Urbani Truffles.

He has honored his time with Boulud and his reverence for Paul Bocuse with a French restaurant and bakery. Limited edition of 60 movements. Hours around the hand-painted hemispherical Earth. Retrograde minutes. Retrograde perpetual calendar on the reverse side. Lokoya Cabernet Sauvignon Mt. Veeder Maybe it takes an exceptionally well-rounded winemaker to make a wine that so perfectly balances bright fresh fruit, acidity, minerality, and tight tannins.

While the Lokoya Mt. After 19 months in French oak barrels before some time in bottle, this graceful wine is eminently drinkable now, but its tannin structure parlays into room for years of cellaring. Lail Vineyards Georgia is Exhibit A. Her Georgia Sauvignon Blanc, from the Totem Estate Vineyard in Yountville, channels white Graves with extensive time in oak but forges a Napa path, integrating that oak with vibrant fruit. In the glass, a full range of citrus morphs and changes places with melon, stone fruit, and tropicals, cloaked in complex textures from regular stirring of the lees.

Wine collectors know that their cellar is an asset—as much as a passion. Maybe you want to explore some new wines, or downsize your collection while enjoying bottles that appeal to you most. Not shy on the tannin front, still the wine unfolds with great elegance. Housed beneath rare Macassar wood, Cohiba Macassar delivers an equally rare smoking experience.

Current vigneron JeanLouis Chave is the 17th generation to oversee the family vines and winemaking, in a tradition that dates to the late s.

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Grounded in the Hermitage region, the Chave label attracts serious followers worldwide for its two red wines— both Syrah blends from some of the oldest and most-prized vineyards in Hermitage. But in truth, the ages of the whites—Marsanne and Roussanne—from those plots are higher than those of the reds, and the vines are more than 60 years old on average.

The one Chave Blanc the family produces annually almost always about 85 percent Marsanne and 15 percent Roussanne is a most-deserving distraction from that red devotion. Incorporating an inspired range of global design influences to create new uses of living, dining and entertaining spaces, the M90 immerses you in signature Hatteras luxury. With innovative features and panoramic design, Hatteras welcomes you to a life without limits.

Rita Hills and is now reaping the fruits of that instinct. The longtime go-to source for finding just the right bottles, and exciting discoveries to boot, is turning 30 this year. We set. Rita Hills on the global stage. We were driven by a desire to demonstrate the unique voice and character of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from an area that a small group of us would soon map and define as the Sta.

Rita Hills. And, specifically, we were motivated by a subtractive approach—to raise each parcel. What makes a great Pinot Noir? Intent and energy are the most important elements for me.


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